POLA NEGRI: the silent and early talkie film actress who was:

  • Born in Poland, "made" in Germany, stolen by Hollywood.

  • A celebrity in America, an artist in Europe.

  • Lover to Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, and Rod La Roque; wife to a count and a prince.

  • A high-grossing Nazi film star who would not bow to the idol of fascism.

  • A "vamp" by reputation, a tragedienne in practice, but a stunningly gifted actress in truth.

The Pola Negri Appreciation Site is dedicated to preserving the memory of one of the great actresses of the early film.



Coming Soon: Feature Length Documentary on Pola Negri!

I am so elated to finally have permission to reveal this development. As we speak, a feature-length documentary about the life of our lady Pola Negri is in the late stages of production. Entitled Life is a dream in Cinema - Pola Negri, the documentary will contain excerpts of interviews with actors Hayley Mills and Eli Wallach (both of whom appeared in Pola’s last film The Moon-Spinners), as well as with authors, film historians, and people who knew Pola personally—it will even contain interview footage with David Gasten, the author of this website! In addition, you will get to see rare clips from Pola’s movies, hear little-known facts about La Negri, and see many rare photos of the lady herself from throughout her life. The documentary is directed by Polish-born director Mariusz Kotowski and produced by Bright Shining City Productions. Mr. Kotowski is going to an unbelievable amount of work to make this a fair and reliable documentary, as well as a great work of art. Life is a dream in Cinema – Pola Negri should make its theatrical debut sometime next year, and we will do our best to keep you updated on its progress in these pages. (By the way, if you have any information that you want to share for the documentary, please forward it to me and I will pass it on to the director.)

Sunrise Silents releases Pola's Gypsy Blood (1918)

Pola Negri's 1918 German film Gypsy Blood (aka Carmen) has seen a DVD release from the new Rhode Island-based silent film distributor Sunrise Silents. If you haven't seen Gypsy Blood yet, it's a great rendition of the classic Prosper Merimée story and reportedly stays closer to the original Merimée story than many of the other Carmen movies, which tend to follow the Bizet opera closer. Pola is adorable and vamps it up in her role as La Carmencita (it's one of about four vamp roles for her). And you'll be surprised at how sexy this movie is for 1918!

Other News/Personal Blog

Since this is my site I've decided to add a little bit of a personal touch and add some additional blog posts about personal topics, other non-Pola oriented news and happenings in the world, and other stuff like that. Hope you enjoy!

LED Displays for My Next Pola Negri Fan Get-Together

I have a very exciting (for me at least) announcement to make about the next Pola-Fan get together (exact dates to be announced soon). I take pride in putting together some of the best experiences for Pola fans and all those that attend the events, and I've pulled out the stops for this next one. In addition to a wonderfully catered meal service, lots of great food, drink and conversation, I'll be getting a brand new LED screen to watch some of our favorite clips of Pola (and others).

The LED video wall rental is actually one of the "new kids on the block" when it comes to event planning. As projection screens are becoming a thing of the past and the new technology that everyone wants their hands on is the LED screen. These things are *huge* is size and hence I can't afford to buy one outright, but a rental is actually quite affordable and it will make the event a heck of a lot of fun.

Being able to have a very large screen that will be viewable from everyone in the venue, no matter if people are up and about, meandering and mingling, or seated near the front, will change the dynamic of the event from years past.

If you haven't been to a gathering yet, in past years it basically revolved around a "movie room" where people could go and watch some clips, documentaries or full movies from our favorite movie star, and a separate room or mingling and networking. This year we will have a similar setup, but thanks to the led rental everyone will be able to see the movies as they are played. Only those seated closest will be able to hear, but that's OK (especially since we want to reserve those seats for people that want to view the film and not talk over it, *hint hint*).

Will You Join Us for the Get-Together?

As I mentioned before, we will be releasing the full details of the next get-together in a few weeks, but it should be sometime in the coming 3 months. I certainly hope that people will be able to make it. If you want more info you can reach out to me directly at admin@polanegri.com, or just wait it out and I'll post here in the blog.

That's it for now. Hope you are all as excited as I am about stepping our video game up! It will really be a nice, professional looking setup, and I hope to continue this for years on out. Thanks for reading!

How would Pola have faired in today's Broadway?

Here is an interesting thought proposition for today's Pola fans. How do you think the famed Pola Negri would fair in today's musical theater? We brought this up in a conversation after scoring tickets to Wickedin NYCthis past weekend. We were both blown away by the performance of the new cast, even though we both also hold a special place in our hearts for the original 2003 cast, and we got to thinking how an old school actress would fair in todays landscape?

Personally, I don't think much has changed, especiallhy in the Broadway genre. Movies and all that jazz have increased in special effects, complexity as well as decrease in acceptable talent level, but Broadway is largely the same beast its been since the beginning. It still comes down to actors on a stage in front of an audience.

So, what do you guys think? Give me a shout via email at admin@polanegri.com and I'll try to take a poll of the results and let everyone know what people think. Thanks!

God help me, I'm going to the Dentist

File this post strictly under "personal complaints and neurosis", but I had to complain to somebody! It has come to pass that, after years of avoiding any trips to (or even thoughts of) the dentist, I have been forced by the hand of fate to go for a rather significant procedure. First a little background...

I've had a fear of the dentist since I was a little girl. I once got a bit of corn on the cob stuck in my gum when I was young. For whatever reason I couldn't get it dislodged and didn't want to tell a grown-up because I thought it meant I would have to go to the dentist. Over the next few days (or weeks, not sure which), it became infected and swollen. There was no avoiding it now, I had to go. And of course when you have 5 years old, the sounds of dental equipment and the thoughts of having dental work done became like a mythical monster. I guess I never quite out grew it.

Fast forward to 40+ years later and those thoughts and fears still haunt me. So much so that I avoid going to the dentist unless absolutely necessary. Well, when I was eating pasta the other day, it became necessary, as a large portion of my back molar broke off and fell onto my plate. Gross! In a panic I checked the mirror to confirm that I did indeed lose half my tooth. There was no avoiding it now, I had to bite the bullet (bad turn of phrase), and make that call.

Getting Some Long Needed Work Done

Well, I was able to put off my phobia and act like an adult for the first time in decades and actually make an appointment with Las Vegas Dental Group, where I could get some long needed work done, including some cosmetic procedures to help brighten my smile. It's not over yet, I still need to go back for 2 follow up appointments (which I'm trying to avoid thinking about if I'm being honest, although the staff at Advanced was so nice and helpful that I couldn't want for anything more from a dental clinic). But soon I will be done, at least for the time being, with this ordeal.

I think next I will need to work on this phobia thing a little bit. I've talked with my husband about it and he mentioned cognitive behavior therapy, a fancy phrase for facing your fears critically and working through them. I think it would work better than the avoidance of the fears, but it's much easier said than done.

In any case, I'm glad that I took this "opportunity" to face up to the fact that I needed work done, and went and actually got it done. Special thanks to the staff at Advanced, who were so understanding of my fears and really helped me through it. Also thanks to you guys, my readers, who read through my ramblings and provide an outlet for my stress. Thanks!

This Is The Season For Weddings: How Wedding Djs Are Making A Comeback

Weddings are for sure happy moments where everyone gets to mingle and enjoy every bit of the time as two people publicly manifest their love for each other. Before, people had this perception that this occasion only entailed eating and leaving which has revolutionized over time. Today, it is a platform for dancing, singing and of course eating and drinking. For fun to dominate this auspicious moment, a highly experienced wedding DJ could come in handy. A professional wedding DJ has to have the necessary criteria so as to make the wedding a success.

The significance of music in the after party celebrations

Once the exchange of vows winds up, it is the start of yet another chapter- celebration. This all goes down at the reception grounds. The DJ now takes this opportunity to unveil his prowess of mashing up wedding songs which will keep the audience dancing all night. This is the present tradition of almost all weddings and through it, a lot of wedding DJs have managed to make a comeback into the industry. The DJs have a special place when planning the after party of a wedding. They are the core ones to make this event lively.

An effective planner

A great wedding DJ will not only entertain your guests with music at the reception but also see to it that there is order since they are well expertise in this field of experience. This is what clearly samples out a club DJ from a wedding DJ. A recent wedding I went to used Adagio Entertainment Minnesota's Best Wedding DJ, and they were amazing at keeping the pace of the event going (see the MC section below), as well as the functioning to coordinate the overall flow of the event. They help you with the plans of the day and make all this easier for you. They act as the second helper. This is the reason why they are slowly bouncing back into this kind of venture. They are the ones to turn to for other arrangements eating up your mind that you would like them be clarified by a person more accustomed to this kind of events.

Master of ceremonies

The wedding DJs could also act as the MCs of the day. This helps put the guests in the know of what’s going on in your place of work and not feeling left out as the newly-wedded have a moment of their lifetime. They could also help choose the songs to play to suit every moment of the day since that is their area of specialty. They will be able to blend the songs from dancing with the parents to dancing with your bridal group.

Great entertainers

Since they have a thing for weddings; wedding DJs will be able to contain the crowd’s charisma by playing them the songs that are doing well in the market at that time of the year. DJs make the ultimate choices of the kinds of songs to play and never fail; only if you chose the best in the industry. Normally at weddings, there are over 200 guests and everyone has a different taste when it comes to music. What everyone dreads is being judged by the songs you are delivering to the people and in that instant will feel hated. Well, for the DJs, that is their normal routine and wouldn’t mind at all if anyone throws shade at him for having the wrong kind of playlist; which is why the best guy for this kind of music delivery job is none other than the DJ since he knows how to deal with such issues.

Getting the best out of the best season of all with winter quilts

Winter is one of the best seasons. It is marked by downpour of snow and tingling low temperatures. Winter snowflakes blanket treetops into spectacular canopies. The snows also even out terrains thereby providing a smooth surface for sporting activities such as skiing and snow-boarding. This season offers the best outdoor activities that anyone can ever ask for. The only thing that could make this time last forever are the Cozy Winter Quilts for the Best Season of all.

In most parts of the world, winter coincides with Christmas festivities. This just make the season one that everyone always looks forward to. The joys of winter are too much to count.

However, winter also be quite bland. The intense cold creates dull atmospheres indoors . People have to wear thick heavy clothing to fend off the cold. Outdoor activities are limited to those who are older and healthier. Even these people have to limit their adventures lest they fall victim to frost bites .

Sunshine that brightens homes and brings life into every aspect of a house is rarely seen during winter. A good number of indoor plants die during this season . Winter creates a great scenic beauty with plant after plant adorned with brilliant snowflakes, and the whole homestead sitting in a white background. Nevertheless, the scene rarely changes during the season and with time just gets boring. So, with its goodness, winter can adversely affect good home ambience.

There is need to lighten up winter and remove the tiny gloom that threatens to spoil this great season. This can be done by simply decorating the house well. Snow does enough decoration outdoors. Indoors are for the people to take care of. Winter quilts not only bring out the beauty of the homes that was lost with the sun, but also greatly improves on it. The quilts create diversification to fight off the gloom, and bring color to liven up the rooms.

Winter quilts come in various forms. Each form serves a particular purpose with the overall agenda being restoration of the beauty of the sun even in winter. (FYI, you can read all about quilt and quilters and how they go about creating these works of art by reading up on Quilter's Review). There are winter quilt clothing that perfectly match the season. These pieces of clothing are thick enough to fend off the cold and, bright enough to liven up the season. They actually come in various color, shapes and sizes. Some are official wears, others are casual wears, school attire and even lounging pajamas.

Winter quilts are also available as framed pictures. These are meant be hang on walls or placed in various parts of the house that needs life. These pictures have various drawings woven into them. The drawings could be of birds, flowers and even. Quilted carpets and bed-sheets are also adorned with these magnificent drawings. Carpets are available in different sizes. Each room in the house has a carpet of its size. Therefore, every room can accommodate a winter guilt. The shape, sizes and colors of the quilts can be matched to convey a desired theme.

Wedding Season Continues - What Gifts to Get a Groomsmen?

As a matter of fact, showing a little appreciation or even a small grain of gratitude to family and friends who helped make your big day a tremendous success is crucial. It is an act that goes a long way in showing just how much you treasured their input, commitment and sacrifice in ensuring that your special wedding day went down without any blip.

That said, it is through wedding party gifts that the recently-wed couple convey their sincerest appreciation to the bridesmaid and groomsmen who came through in making this milestone a success. Speaking of which, there are obviously a whole lot of ideas when it comes to choosing wedding party gifts for bridesmaids. However, the big question remains: what about the groomsmen?

Truth be told, choosing wedding party gifts for groomsmen has never been easy. It becomes even more complicated if the groomsmen included, for example, a good old dad, a friend with weird tastes and maybe a reserved brother. In most cases, you get confused and start wondering whether the chosen gifts would be ideal for them or not because unlike women, men have very conflicting preferences.

To help you sail through the muddy waters of choosing groomsmen gifts for your wedding party, here is a guide to gifts for your wedding party. It will make the entire process unexpectedly smooth.

Groomsmen Group Caricature

Instead of going for the now too common budget friendly cufflinks, how about going for a cool groomsmen group caricature? Bringing your groomsmen together in a custom-made caricature is, without doubt, one of the coolest groomsmen wedding party gifts that you will ever come across.

This is indeed a simple, but unique way of showing the groomsmen that they, as a group, made your wedding day a grand achievement. Thinking of it, your groomsmen are likely to keep these caricatures as cherished gifts and as a reminder of how prosperous they made your wedding.

Groomsmen Travel and Gym Accessories

In a world where practicality is paramount, your groomsmen will certainly feel appreciated if you present them with wedding gifts that bring into play real world practicality. Show your affection and gratitude to these special guys, who made your wedding day splendid, by presenting them with gifts such as business travel bags, duffle bags, gym bags, gym accessories and cool backpacks. Personalizing these items with each groom’s names or initials may make them even more special.

Go Unique with a Personalized 'Part-of-the-Team' Frame

There is no doubt that men are, to some extent, swayed by unique things. With this in mind, it is overriding to consider unique gifts when choosing gifts for your groom party. An attractive idea would be to create impressive personalized �Part-of-the-Team’ frames, which definitely stand to make every groom feel important because that is exactly what they are.

You can consider creating different frames for each groom depending on their favorite sports. For instance, if one groom is a soccer fan, you can frame his name alongside those of his favorite players. You actually cannot go wrong with that and believe it; he will proudly display it whenever an opportunity arises.

In essence, there are a lot of cool ideas that can help you in choosing wedding party gifts for groomsmen. It all lies with pinpointing what would be perfect for each of your special guys without forgetting to throw in a little bit of group-inspired gifts.

5 Ways of Handling Sleep Apnea the Right Way

As some of you might know, I suffer from sleep apnea and have so for many years. Sleep apnea is a disorder that leads to poor sleep quality as a result of taking shallow breaths and uncontrollable pauses in breathing that leads to sleep disturbance. In most cases a person with sleep apnea will repeatedly stop breathing up to more than thirty times every hour. This is a problem that can have detrimental effects in your life. Some of its effects include diabetes, stroke, memory problems, obesity, sexual dysfunction and heart disease. There are different ways that you can deal with this problem in the right manner. I personally was able to use CPAP Machines Sydney and utilize a CPAP machine to help during the night. However there are other ways to help you in the process, here are some of the ways of handling sleep apnea the right way.

Attain and maintain a healthy weight

Weight gain is one of the major causes of sleep apnea. This occurs because as you gain more weight, it means that you are also doing so inside your neck, affecting your breathing capabilities and throat muscles. The more weight you have, the higher the risk of sleep apnea because the fat deposits in your upper airway hinders effective breathing. To attain and maintain the right weight, you need to get regular exercises, eat food high in fiber, eat essential fats and avoid junk foods.

Avoid excessive smoking, alcohol and overusing sedatives

Alcohol is one of the substances that hinder quality sleep. It leads to relaxation of throat muscles which are required in controlling breathing. Over the counter sedatives, sleep aids and prescription tranquilizers can lead to similar effects too. Smoking and alcohol leads to fluid retention and inflammation in the airways leading to disturbance of normal breathing. If you have sleep apnea as a result of alcohol and smoking, you need to put efforts to quit using them. If you drink, make sure you do not take any drink at least three to four hours before you rest to bed.

Humidify your room

Studies have shown that many people report decreased sleep apnea, less congestion, reduced snoring and better breathing when they have a humidifier in their bedrooms. A humidifier is helpful as it encourages your sinuses to drain and allow more air to move through your airways. You also apply essential oils by rubbing the oils on your chest before you sleep to help open the airwaves naturally and soothe stuffy nose.

Change your sleeping position

A good way that you can handle sleep apnea is elevating your head as you sleep. It is also a great idea that you stop sleeping on your back because this just makes the situation worse. This is because it presses your palate tissues and tongue against the back of your throat leading to more breathing complications. Sleeping on your side using a pillow that makes your head to be raised slightly is the best position to handle sleep apnea more effectively.

Treat congestion, acid reflux and coughs

Most people with sleep apnea problem have other medical problems that hinder normal breathing. Some of the medical problems include chronic coughs, congestion and acid reflux. Therefore, if you have one of these problems it is good to seek treatments to alleviate sleep apnea that might be as a result of the medical conditions.